ConnecTV Technical Support

December 1, 2014 - The ConnecTV app is now memeTV!

Welcome! We’ve had a blast watching the community grow over the last couple years. While our community has changed, our desire to make TV-themed social commentary fast, easy, and fun has not. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce memeTV, the next step of our social television experiment! If you like ConnecTV, you’re going to love memeTV!

What’s new?

memeTV has many of ConnecTV's popular features, plus:

- Discover the funniest TV memes, no registration necessary!
- Make a new meme from LIVE TV or save a snapshot to your Studio for editing later.
- Create up to ten-second memes using our simple meme editor.
- Think you’ve got a better caption? Remix an existing meme and make it your own!
- Option to remove audio from meme now included in the editor.
- Share to your favorite social sites, or grab a .gif or .mp4 version and share almost anywhere!
- Like the meme? Click WatchNow to see the original program in its entirety!

Join the memeTV revolution! Download the memeTV app for Android or iOS today! Existing ConnecTV accounts are valid memeTV accounts. Browse anonymously or log in with your existing credentials and have a look!

As our new memeTV app takes flight, support for the ConnecTV app will be phased out at the beginning of 2015. Any questions, problems, or feedback may be directed to Support @ memeTV.